Most adult patients with hearing impairment are seen outside hospitals nowadays. This is a major advance and has reduced the waiting time for treatment of sensorineural deafness. A small proportion of patients have conductive or asymmetric sensorineural loss which requires a medical opinion.

A Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon practicing in South Manchester since 1995, Andrew Camilleri has a special interest in Otology and the largest practice in middle ear surgery (stapedotomy) in the North West. He teaches ear surgery at National courses and is a Member of the British Society of Otology. He has been elected onto the Otology Council for the 2009-2012 sessions.

He has provided otological opinions to direct referral audiology services for the last 12 years both in the NHS and privately. Each referring audiologist is provided with a report and a copy is sent to the GP. If surgery or radiological investigation is the desired option, Mr Camilleri organises this. If not, the patient is sent back to the referring audiologist for treatment.