Tonsillectomy Inpatient

This is an operation to remove the tonsils. It can be carried out for a number of reasons including tonsillitis, snoring, bad breath and if the tonsils are unequal in size. The patient usually stays overnight after the operation if under five years old or an adult.

The operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and you should not eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the operation.

This is a very common operation in the UK and there is plenty of data on the best way to carry out the procedure. Mr Camilleri uses the safest method for tonsillectomy.

As it is impossible to keep the operated area still, it is common to experience pain after tonsillectomy. The pain may also be experienced in the ears. It usually resolves within a few days. Occasionally the pain gets worse on the fifth day, as the scab falls off.

It is important to eat and drink normally after this procedure as saliva production helps keep the mouth clean. It does not matter what you eat or drink. Please avoid pineapple juice, which contains an enzyme that makes the throat very painful after this procedure.

It is important to take painkillers for the first week. Mr Camilleri will supply a selection of painkillers. Occasionally antibiotics are prescribed. The full course should be taken.

Adults may return to work after two weeks. Children may return to school after one week.

You will be followed up in the outpatient clinic after two weeks.

Please contact your Suite at the Alexandra Hospital on  0161 428 3656 if you have any questions or concerns or concerns eg bleeding.