This operation is designed to improve the hearing in patients who suffer with otosclerosis. Alternatives to the operation include various types of hearing aids.

The operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and you should not eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the operation.

The operation is carried out down the "ear hole". The only visible cut is on the back of the hand (where a tiny piece of vein is harvested). This is not a painful operation, but you should take painkillers you are familiar with as needed.

The dressing inside the ear will need to be removed approximately 14 days following surgery.

The ear may feel blocked for a few weeks.

The main risk of the operation is that delicate inner ear fluid may leak out into the middle ear and possibly become infected after the procedure. To prevent this happening you should undertake no physical activity eg. cooking, lifting or driving. After one week normal physical activities can be resumed. Failure to follow this advice may spoil the result of the operation.

You may experience dizziness (vertigo), which is rarely prolonged. You must convalesce if this occurs. If the vertigo lasts longer than three hours, please contact your Suite at the Alexandra Hospital.

You should not fly for four weeks following the operation.

As one of the nerves of taste runs across the eardrum, this needs to be moved during the operation. You may experience a slight alteration in your sense of taste on the operation side. This nearly always recovers completely, but can take up to six months to do so.

You will be followed up in the outpatient clinic.

Please contact your Suite at the Alexandra Hospital on  0161 428 3656 if you have any questions or concerns.

To see a video of the procedure, press this link: